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San Francisco MUNI PCC's 
# 1118 & 1159

Both built in 1946 by St. Louis Car Co.

MUNI 1159These are PCC (President Conference Committee) cars built for St. Louis. They were numbered 1720 & 1726. In 1957 they were leased by San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) and later purchase in 1961. In SF they were renumbered 118 & 1159 respectively. PCC's were the electric railroad's answer to the new competition caused by buses and automobiles. MUNI 1159 & part of 1118 They ride very smooth and accelerate quickly. The design was done from 1928-34. They allowed some operations to continue until the 50's. The PCC's were so innovative that some patents are still being used today. PCC trucks are still used today on some Heavy Rail transit lines in the US. There were at least 5000 PCC cars built in the US, many more in foreign countries.

MUNI 1118San Francisco retired these cars in the mid-80's when the new MUNI Metro subway opened. This subway converted 5 streetcar lines to light rail standards. The Subway was no place for a PCC. The subway could only load from "high platforms". Today SF has put PCC's back in operation on Market Street on the "F-Market" line. These PCC's were bought from Philadelphia and refurbished. They are painted in colors of many different former streetcar operators throughout the US.

Top left photo: 1159 (8/98), middle right, 1159 with the front of 1118 (97), bottom left 1118 on car barn lead (4/99). All photos by Mark Kavanagh, Click to enlarge
1159 at Willow Creek (2010) Taking Passengers (2010) Going reverse at the crossing (The museum does not have a loop) (2010)
muni1159-032302-01.jpg (524846 bytes) muni1159.jpg (7914 bytes) muni1118-032302-01.jpg (406479 bytes)
Car 1118 (3/23/02) 1159 when first moved to Brooks 1118 in the car barn (2002)
muniPCC-interior.JPG (31258 bytes) muni1159-503.jpg (250875 bytes) muniPCC-tp.JPG (32605 bytes)
Interior When the Brooks Museum was under construction At the old Trolley Park

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