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Help Preserve and restore our collection


The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society is actively pursuing many projects to enhance our museum. Many of these projects we seek funding via grants from many sources. However, a big portion of our funding must come from our members and from the general public to ensure there is support for our endeavors. 

The OERHS is now accepting on-line donations via PayPal to fund our various projects. Please look our projects over and help us grow our museum by donating. Your donations are considered tax deductible as the OERHS is  recognized by the IRS as a Non-For-Profit public benefit Corporation under Section 501(c)3.

The OERHS is also seeking funds to bring a Milan Interurban  and transportation and storage of 9 Brussels trams to the museum.

Project Name Brief Description Donate Now via PayPal
Brussels Tram Collection The museum needs to raise $45,00 to pay for transportation costs for 9 Brussels trams, another $15,000 for temporary weather protection, and long term plans include and additional carbarn Brussels Tram Donation
Interpretive Center (Hopmere Station) Hopmere station serves as our main welcoming center for our guests. Future plans include adding interpretive displays inside the the "freight" portion of the building
Completing mainline loop The current mainline is a point-to-point system. The ultimate goal to complete a 2-mile loop around Antique Powerland.
Car Restoration All our cars need tender, love and care. Many are in dire need of restoration. Specify the car you would like to help restore from our equipment roster.
Name your project Do you have an idea you would like to see done? Tell us about it!

Trolley Museum/Antique Powerland Phone # (503) 393-2424

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