HOT NEWS: Museum takes delivery of a World Class Brussels Tram Collection, Learn more, and how you can help save, protect and restore these cars by clicking here

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Save the Brussels Tram Collection
In the summer of 2015, the OERHS reached an agreement with an owner of 9 Brussels Trams, located in Port Mellon, British Columbia, Canada with the intent to move them to the museum. The museum is better suited to preserve, restore and operate them then they were are their former location.

In order to save this world class collection of trams, the museum must repay the moving costs (Approximately $45,000), provide temporary weather protection (about $15,000) and eventually build a carbarn and restore these at least a few of the cars to service (well over $200,000). The cars were moved form lat eMay thru mid-July to the museum

Each of these cars tell a story about Brussels tram operation from the early 1930's through the early 2000's. They are worth preserving as a collection.

The museum is looking for help to raise funds. The simplest way is to donate via PayPal. Please consider donating via our PayPal links below.  Your donations may be considered Tax Deductible as the OERHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
Please consider donating to help preserve these cars
Help the OERHS defray transportation costs:
THANK YOU to all those that have contributed thus far!
Julie Burkhart P J Burkhart Louis Bowerman
Bob Dixon Mark Kavanagh Peter Kloosterman
Geff and Julie Steve Morgan Robert Parks
Stephen Percy Ken Peters Andrew Sisk
Eric Sitiko Jan Vreeland  

The cars are shown below, click on the car number to learn more about each car.
Passenger Cars
Car 1048  Car #1247 Trailer #2190 PCC # 7020
Work Cars
Work Car 19 Work Car 25 Work Car 26 Work Car 31
Work Car 34

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